About Me • Anthony Awaken • Husband . Father . Creative
Full Time Creative & Outdoor Adventure Photographer

A Bit About Me

Who I Am & What I Do

I am a full time creative, brand ambassador and business owner based in South Central Kentucky. I run a Awaken Design Company and AnthonyAwaken full time.

I specialize in brand building services for my incredible clients such as: photography, content writing, logos, branding, as well as web and design. I have a decade of experience in the creative field and it is where my abstract mind works best.

Anthony Awaken

Why AnthonyAwaken

I have been an avid outdoorsman & advocate for great outdoor gear for as long as I can remember. Since launching AnthonyAwaken it has given me the opportunity to work closer with companies that I love within the outdoor industry. All while offering services & content that help build their brands.

AnthonyAwaken has also allowed me to promote & offer up a different style than I have in the past through my design studio. The style here is very earthy, dark, moody and organic. Which has always been my personal style in terms of photography & design.

What Pushes Me Everyday

I am a father of 4 and husband to my high school sweetheart. Anywhere that family and creativity are near is home to me.

Random Facts

Current Goals: Travel More, Stress Less and Make Memories

Favorite Environments: Waterfalls & Anything with elevation

Biggest Creative Motivators: Nature, it’s perfect all on its own. Starry nights, because they remind us of how small we are and how much more to life there is.

Bucket List Locations to Visit: Redwood Forest, Iceland, Out West (Oregon, Washington & Colorado) and Yosemite

Favorite Music: Ambient & Chill (Hammock, Vancouver Sleep Clinic to name a couple)

Top 3 Items on a deserted island: Knife, stainless steel container & ferro rod

Nature Photography

Adventure & Photo Gear I Use

I am proud to use some of the best gear, from the best brands on the face of the earth.

Danner Boots

Gobe Camera Filters

MindShift Gear


Recycled Firefighter

Spyderco Knives

Think Tank Photo